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A submission for the $105 Adventure Game Challenge during October 2021.

You are a wizard trapped in the castle of a king. Use your wits to try and escape. Explore the castle; solve the puzzles; save your life!

Two different endings possible!

Currently using placeholder art obtained via the Unity Asset Store, Humble Bundles, or the GameDevHQ Filebase. I also built the game using the Adventure Creator plugin from the Asset Store.

Update: Minor bug fixes along with one game breaking bug fix. Also updated credits to include two assets that were accidentally left off the list. There is still one game breaking bug for one of the exits where the anchor isn't able to be added to inventory. I'll update that after the voting period ends. 


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Just goes to show you can make a game that looks this good, and not have it make your PC unusable due to lag from hell. I did experience some minor lag, but it did not affect my enjoyment, or playability, one bit. It was so minor. One critique, is  the amount of times I had to go back and forth. I did find that a tad aggravating, but then again, I've always disliked that in any game. Not sure if it was due to the bugs you needed to work out, or if that was actual game play. At any rate, I hope this is a part of a bigger game because it was great.

Thank you for the comments. Yeah, I did not do any optimization so hopefully the lag was not too bad. I did design quite a bit of back and forth for this version, but that was partly to expand the play time and I also was intending to play off the tropes of adventure games of picking up ridiculous items (such as the anchor or the ladder) and carrying it around "in case" you need it. I appreciate the encouragement. I am thinking of ways to expand the story and see if I can make this into a full-fledged game with a deeper narrative. 

Ok yea I get the to and fro, it wasn't that bad really, I'm just impatient.  LOL and as far as any lag it was almost insignificant, I was just impressed that it wasn't bad, because It looked like it should have been because of how great it looked.


That is one buff wizard :D This game is pretty cool, and darn good-looking. You made great use of those assets. I appreciate having multiple endings and have played through both paths (well, up until having to pick up the anchor). A few niggles:

  • picking up the ale before talking to the battlement guard wasn't really taken into account
  • the ale doesn't leave the inventory after giving it to the guard
  • the wizard is invisible after exiting the stairwell into the throne room (still can play on though, simply by exiting the throne room to another room)
  • jumping with spacebar has not been disabled, and the wizard can even jump again when he's already jumping - I had a lot of fun bouncing the wizard around the rooms and even up to the ceiling

Thank you for trying my game and I appreciate the comments. I saw a couple of the bugs you found (there was supposed to be a line about the wizard's order not imbibing if you tried to grab the ale before seeing the guard), but I will check out the other ones and add them to my bug report. I didn't even try jumping; glad you had fun with that one! That must be a default setting in Adventure Creator I did not know about. I might have to give that a go myself!

Nice escape game. The placeholder graphics are looking very good, although the whole thing puts a strain on my elderly computer. And I realize this is magical fantasy, but putting the library next to the forge... :-) The king isn't a firefighter, I guess. Looking forward to seeing the second ending after the game jam.

Thank you for trying it. Yeah, the castle was part of a demo scene as part of the Village Interiors asset and the library was actually the armory in the demo. I took out all the armory items (weapons and such), removed a door, and added in bookcases. Once voting ends, I plan on fixing that other bug along with some other little ones I've noticed.